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ARTISAN3 Motor Trade Software for the Independent Garage.
©Copyright Artisan Software 2013

©Copyright Artisan Software 2013

Artisan3 Motor trade software for the independent garage or workshop

Artisan3 for the motor trade has evolved as a low cost and easy to use software package for a workshop or small garage.  You can start using Artisan3 from day one to start building a useful database of customers, vehicles, stock & suppliers to help the day to day running of your business.  As more information is added the more useful the application becomes.  Finding a customer’s telephone number or E mailing an estimate is very easy.  Job cards, Estimates & Invoices are created and can be browsed and edited, ultimately an Invoice is produced and the amount is posted to the customer’s account, this will enable you to keep track of monies owed and produce statements.  Vehicle service and maintenance history is also stored and can be viewed or printed.

Artisan3 is not an accounts package it only deals with the sales side of your business, there are no purchase or nominal ledgers.

Artisan3 can be set up for VAT registered and non VAT registered users.

Artisan3 is a windows MDI (multiple document interface) application  and more than one browser or form can be open at a time you can be working on a job card and lookup a customers or suppliers telephone number or print a customer statement.



- Customer
- Supplier
- Stock
- Vehicle
- Personnel

Sales Documents

- Job Cards
- Estimates
- Invoices & Credits
- Templates

Sales Reports

- Sales Day Book
- Receipts Day Book
- VAT report


- MOT & Service reminders
- Service & maintenance history
- Customer spend on vehicle
- Define your own vehicle maintenance history codes and titles


- Purchase orders
 - Stock discounting codes with global setting to ensure guaranteed mark-up or discount.

Price lists, stock take and valuation reports.

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